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High power full-bore air-gunning without being tied to your refill tank. We were all envious of the freedom enjoyed by shooters of powder cartridges, taking out a box of cartridges into the field and focus on their shooting without the worry of having to recharge their guns. The MAC brings this same freedom to you.

NOW - Enter the MAC35

Unlike most current PCP full-bore air rifles that are only good for a few shots before refilling, the MAC system lets you load up as many cartridges as you plan to use and then you are free to enjoy the simple pleasure of shooting and not worry about how many shots are remaining in your guns integral air tank. The platform resembles a typical long range sniper rifle, built with integral picatinny rails for easy addition of accessories, such as scopes, bi-pods, lamps, laser sighting systems etc.

Function - Just imagine the function of a traditional bolt-action firearm rifle and there is no more to say about how it works. The action is a crisp bolt-action single shot design, enabling smooth, precise shooting at typical air gun ranges. The trigger is adjustable from 1 to 4 lbs pull, making the whole shooting experience an absolute pleasure. The MAC platform has a fired-cartridge ejection system to remove used cartridges effectively, ready to receive a fresh charged and loaded magnum air cartridge. The bolt operates in the same manner as a center-fire rifle, making it totally intuitive for even the novice shooter.

As the whole loading, firing, ejection and re-loading with the magnum air cartridge totally emulates a traditional center-fire cartridge - it is great news for cheap training and shooting practice - all the feel of the real thing, at a fraction of the cost, just a little compressed air and a fresh bullet / pellet, refilling the air cartridge with air prior to re-use. The MAC tactical rifle frames are constructed from light-weight aircraft grade aluminium. This makes the MAC tactical rifle rugged and yet lightweight, tipping the scales at 10 lbs (4.5Kg).

like all of our products, they are made in Las Vegas NV.

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MAC35 Single Shot Tactical
Our Price: $899.99