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MAC SportR Multishot Tactical Rifle - .357 caliber "Black Ops"

The MAC SportR Tactical Rifle nicknamed the “Black Ops” rifle is a short, light-weight, multi-shot bolt-action general purpose air rifle using the Magnum Air Cartridge power plant (MAC) system. It has been designed to offer outstanding performance in a practical and lightweight platform. The stock and barrel can be removed in under 30 seconds to enable the rifle to be compacted to under 20” (500mm), for ease of transportation and so will fit most back-packs.

The rifle frame is built from aircraft-grade aluminium (6061T6) with a 14” moly-chrome rifled barrel (Match grade) which is threaded for the optional silencer / suppressor and features an aluminium muzzle protector when the optional suppressor is not fitted.

The stock is the Magpul CTR type adjustable tactical stock and Hogue rubberized pistol grip. The bolt is manufactured from moly-chrome steel.

The rifle features a 2+1 detachable magazine configuration, using an AR15 type magazine retainer and designed to shoot the latest Magnum Air Cartridges, which allow flexible filling from 1,500psi to 5,000psi generating up to 800fps velocity in .357 (9mm) caliber.

The rifle has a short and lightened cocking action from earlier designs and cocks on closing the bolt in the last 35mm of bolt travel before the bolt reaches battery. Fired cartridges are extracted and ejected when the bolt is pulled rearwards.

The trigger is a fully adjustable two-stage unit, set at ~3lbs with a 5mm first stage.

The rifle has a top picatinny rail measuring 9.85” (250mm) with a tri-rail block (3 x 1.77” (45mm) long picatinny rails) positioned at the end of the receiver to facilitate mounting of a bipod, lights, lasers etc.

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MAC SportR Multishot Tactical Rifle - .357 caliber "Black Ops"
MAC SportR Multishot Tactical Rifle - .357 caliber "Black Ops"
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