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Firearm technology has been developed over the last 800 years. Not many firearm manufacturers conclude that the most effective method to discharge a projectile is to use an explosive charge within the construction of the gun. As we all know the power source is integral to the cartridge.This is precisely why Inovairtech developed and patented the Magnum Air Cartridge (MAC). Unlike the vast majority of other air gun manufacturers (who do indeed install their air/nitrogen power source within the frame of the gun) we directly emulate firearm technology and have the power source integral to the cartridge too.The MAC is a reusable steel shell enabling the shooter to leave the air/nitrogen filling station at home. Simply take your pre-loaded ammunition and gun shooting. Maybe we should say we manufacture “air bullets” not air guns? In addition to emulating firearm technology, the USA based MAC platform offers many benefits over firearm technology and helps the environment. Ecologically, the MAC system effectively produces zero waste. The MAC's are fully recyclable, no more brass left on the ground, this is “EVERLASTING BRASS”. You can simply refill them over and over again for your lifetime. The high pressure air can be supplied from a scuba tank or use nitrogen from a nitrogen cylinder for fast and efficient filling. But for the more energetic shooter, you can fill the MAC's using a hand pump, totally eliminating cost and trips for refilling tanks etc. You can even recover the soft lead bullets and re-cast them to use them again.Other benefits from not using an explosive charge to drive the projectile include:- No cleaning (as there is no gunpowder used). No loud noise, the MAC system is quieter than a .22 short at full charge of 4,500 psi, this sound can be reduced, simply by filling to lower pressure. Although producing more power than a .22 rimfire, there is no felt recoil. No flash whilst night shooting

The Barracuda MAC SST
The Barracuda
Our Price: $699.99

MAC35 Single Shot Tactical
Our Price: $899.99